We found this fabulous Butterfly artwork from start kids blog using a butterfly shaped craft punch and some paint swatches. There are so many colors to work with so it would look beautiful in any little girls room.

You can also use different shaped craft punches, so don’t feel restricted to only butterflies. With the variety of colors and shape, i am sure it will be a lovely gift to give to a friend or even Christmas decor.

These are things you will need:

Cardboard colour samples – you can find these in a paint shop or a hardware store
Butterfly stamp punch – you can find these in most craft stores
A white frame (A4 or A3 works the best)
Hot glue gun or double sided tape

Steps by steps

Slide the coloured card into your craft punch and cut out the shapes.
Heat up your glue gun and place a dab of glue on the back of the butterfly. Then place it on to the frame. Continue for the remaining butterflies until you have your desired look.
There are endless ways to layout this design and colour combinations you can use, for example using only shades of pink could be very sweet.

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The snow showers are falling. The hills and lanes are covered with a white sheet of snow. The bells are echoing and the skies are full of glittering star. It is Christmas. Christmas season comes annually. It brings big season of joy and gather together.

One tradition that is certainly quickly becoming popular is that of having an Christmas tree. Although considered a new idea among holiday decorating ideas, this kind of holiday tree actually have their own origins in ancient tradition. This article will cover unique Christmas Tree Decor using clay.

With Sculpey Clay (Ultra Light) as my tool, I began an evening full with creating! I chose to utilize a decorative piece of greenery instead of an all-natural environment-friendly. It would certainly make a deep impact right into the clay and be re-usable throughout the procedure.

First you have to choose what shape you’ll make your clay. You could choose to create a circle, square, hexagon or a great many others.

With the greenery put on top of the clay, I rolled over it with the moving pin a couple of times. With a toothpick I after that aided the eco-friendly revoke the clay. Next, I began cutting out shapes over the embossed clay with small cookie cutters.

Once the ornament shapes were developed, I made use of a toothpick to earn circles in each new clay form. Later I can thread hemp twine and grains through via the available to create accessories.

After cooking the ornaments in the stove, the clay is now set.

My kids were really thinking about the whole procedure and started creating their own styles as well as productions. Working along with each various other we attracted inspiration from each various other’s procedure and finished works.

Nothing is as satisfying as making household items successively in the home. By doing the work, you’ll save yourself the expense of buying expensive and sometimes sub-standard items.



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Leather furniture is a classic style that has been around for ages. It can’t be explained but many people just love the look and the styles that leather furniture offers. So that is one reason you should take care of your leather furniture.

Though there is not much care and maintenance for leather, because of its natural strength and durability, wear and tear; stains and spills are bound to happen. Let’s see if we can address these 2 issues.


Leather Sofa Repair


What came to your mind when you see above picture? This is exactly what happen and thankfully I found an article in the internet that shared how to repair this type of damage in $30 budget. Amazing huh? Right, I can’t believe myself either, until I follow the recommended instructions and finish the project myself.

The effort to repair the couch

Ideas began to take root and I got the things needed to repair our furniture. So here is my leather repair kit


I had previously brought home a sample swatch of faux leather material to see if it would match our furniture. Would you believe that I matched the color dead on the first try?

But would it work? It was worth the $30 in material and Fabric Tac to find out

Here is how it looks today

Leather Sofa Cleaning

For simple spills just wipe away excess with a clean warm absorbent cloth and then air to dry.

For more tough stains, you should use leather cleaning products, like leather stain remover or cleaner.

It you have serious oil stains, its quite simple to clean without leaving scratches. First wipe away the stain with a dry cloth, it’s highly recommended not to use water on these kinds of stains. You should remove any liquid stains before applying any leather cleaning product.

Cleaning leather is more about what not to do, rather then how to clean it. You should never use harsh soap or cleaners on your leather. Don’t use any kind of soap on your leather. And since leather is naturally preserved it doesn’t need any brushing, or scrubbing when removing a stain. If you use any kind of oils or varnishes it makes the leather sticky.

It’s basically quite simple to clean your leather if it is a protective coating, regular dusting and removal of stains will keep your leather in good shape. It’s recommended to use a leather polish after you dust and clean.

But if there is no coating it involves a little more work. You’ll have to use a damp cloth to remove stains immediately and then go over it with a dry cloth and finally finish with a polish or protector.


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Sill and threshold get worn out from weather after years, just like any other home furniture and accessories. Most of the time we won’t even notice them until it became very bad in condition. You can save quite a bit of money by replacing them yourself with metal or wood threshold, together with a rubber gasket as sealing.

Normally, there is a sill under an exterior threshold and it usually get rotten if the threshold is already rotten. In order to drain water away from the house, the sill is beveled on one side. Sill stock can be used to replace old sill with new sill in same shape. As the sill fits tightly between wall studs and under the casing and jambs, it usually has to be cut before it can be removed.

Even if your interior threshold might be still in good condition, you might want to get it replaced as well in order to match the new flooring on the side of the doorway. 

Checklist To Replace Sill and Threshold

2 or 3 hours

Circular saw or reciprocating saw, saber saw, hammer, chisel, nail set, tape measure, square, drill

Basic carpentry skills

Protect the floor with a drop cloth.

New threshold and/or sill stock, flooring adhesive, galvanized finishing nails, caulk

Replacing a Sill and Threshold

A threshold is placed under the door or rests on top of a sill, forming an extends outward.

Alternatively, it can rest partially on the sill and a piece of blocking.

In newer homes design, a wide metal thresholds extends outward is used instead of a sill.

Replacing a threshold:

The threshold is fitted below the stops and against the jambs. In order to remove it, you may need to use a nail set and hammer to poke the nails through. Then, it can be tapped out using a block of wood and hammer.

Don’t throw away the old threshold yet, use it as template to measure and cut the new one.

Once it is cut out, try to fit it before slipping it into the position. Next, apply flooring adhesive to the floor, drill some testing holes and secure it with 10d casing nails. After that, cover up the nail holes with exterior wood putty.


Replacing a sill:

As the sill is nailed under the jambs, in order to remove it, you will have to cut it into pieces. You will need to cut out a big middle section before chisel or pry out the smaller sections on the sides.

If you are able to remove the old sill without damaging it, you can use it as template measurement for your new sill to ensure the length is accurate. Otherwise, just tap the new sill in and adjust accordingly.

Once it is fitted in, apply flooring adhesive and secure it with 12d casing nails.

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A laminate floor offers more options than any other type of flooring. It’s often seen as the best choice for flooring needs, irrespective of price, since of its superior selection along with the simple installing laminate floors.

You can be sure that laminate floor gives you the look you would like for your house, and possibly at the considerably less expensive than it emulates. With options like walnut, cherry, beech, maple, merbau, and oak laminate flooring, there’s sure to be something you’ll be wanting.

Laminate wood floors are much more durable compared to what are named as real thing, and so are super easy to completely clean as laminate floor cleaner is found nearly anywhere and is not terribly expensive.

This type of floor is very simple to use and installs quickly. Many people can install these themselves of course, if you have any shred of try it for yourself talent, you can handle this project. By watching a video or pursuing the directions because they are given, anyone should are effective at this task.

To start with, you need to get rid of the flooring that already exists. Preferably right down to the subfloor. You simply can’t install laminate floors over other floorings and end up with a professional looking job that can last a lifetime. However, sometimes it is possible to install over linoleum when it was glued down fully, not just at the edges.

You also should get rid of the baseboards. Laminate floor installation necessitates that the laminate fit snugly under the baseboards. Be careful using this type of section of the process so that you will don’t crack or break the baseboard. If you do, you’ll have to purchase new baseboard and install that, too.

So many people in modern society really appreciate this kind of flooring simply because they think it is to get quite attractive and unique in it’s appearance. Most popular style and created to imitate the appearance of hardwood, with some tiles actually using real sheet wood in their surface designs. It is no secret that when a real floor is properly cleaned, celebrate an incredible shine.

If ordering online, request a sample. If it is an item a laminate dealer stocks they should be ready to send or give you a free trial. If they need to impose a fee for it, you may want to keep looking. A reputable flooring outlet will gladly send one out to you USPS or UPS ground. In some cases, you might need to pay a tiny sample fee for a non-stock or non-typical product. Don’t pay to get a sample of these hottest product though!

The design of this type of flooring is similar to hardwood flooring. So it offers you the warmth that you’re seeking but at the very inexpensive price. In addition to that, you can easily select numerous colors and grains to include a bit more warmth and private style to the room. This is a fantastic design feature from the product. Couple by using the truth that they may be versatile and extremely tough and durable, these are the perfect solution in active rooms.

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